Browns fans weather the storm and watch a win

Browns fans weather the storm and watch a win

Browns fans at the stadium battled through the wind and the rain but in the end were rewarded as the Browns held on and beat the San Diego Chargers 7-6.

Eileen Marino was warm and dry Monday morning while working at Joe's Diner in Rocky River.  She sat through the brutal weather yesterday and felt it was well worth it, "It was certainly a challenge no matter what you had on you got wet and it was cold.  It rained the whole time and never let up for even five minutes and yes, absolutely, it was worth it because they got a win."

Through the wind and the rain the Browns offense didn't do much. A Trent Richardson touchdown run all the Browns managed on the day.  The offense, however, didn't need to do much because the Browns defense slammed the door on the Chargers.

It wasn't a thrill a minute, but it was a second straight home win for the Browns.  And the victory re-energized the fans, "I think we're getting there a little bit, we'll take the wins any way we can especially how the last few years have gone," said Browns fan Mark Dvoroznak.

And this win has some Browns fans hoping the new owner believes in continuity.  "They're a young team, they're coming along and the coach seems like a nice guy, I hope he keeps his job," said Joann McNamee.

The Baltimore Ravens are at the stadium next Sunday.

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