Consumer: Best bird bargains for Thanksgiving

We're talking turkey and 19 Action News has the best bird bargains.

Macaroni and cheese, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, but what about the turkey?

"I didn't want to spend a whole lot, and I wanted to get the most for my money," says Katie Fenner.

Giant Eagle brand frozen turkey will cost you .79 a pound, they'll even price match if you find a better deal somewhere else.

Marc's Grocery Store is also selling frozen Butterball and Honeysuckle turkeys for .79 a pound.

Heinen's lowest price is $1.19 for a frozen Honeysuckle.

So you got the turkey what about all the trimmings?  Experts say the entire meal for ten people is about $49.50, that's nearly .30 higher than last year.

Several shoppers we caught up with say they expect to spend more.

"It's a big old family.  It's a big old dinner.  It's going to cost a little bit more than fifty dollars.  I say about $100-to-$150 for a good Thanksgiving dinner," says shopper Gina Dimauro.

All this turkey talk is enough to make anyone hungry, but, many agree the meal will probably taste better if you get it all under budget.

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