Movie Theater Safety: Shaker Square attack back in headlines

Movie Theater Safety: Shaker Square attack back in headlines

19 Action News has found new fallout from an attack inside a local movie theater, and it's putting a new spotlight on your safety.

There's new justice for victims that suffered an attack that took place inside the theaters on Shaker Square in 2010.

Robbers attacked and roughed up five people watching a movie.

Lawrence Butler and Jazzalyn Primous are now doing time in prison, but two of their victims have just won a civil judgment against the attackers.

The pair has been awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars for medical expenses and pain and suffering.

In addition, next month a trial is set for a civil lawsuit against the company which runs the theater.

Although the victims may never see a dime from those attackers sitting in jail, one victim told the court, "I am going to be affected physically and emotionally for the rest of my life.  I feel it is fair that the judgment will affect them the rest of their lives."

Lately, movie theater safety seems to be constantly in the headlines.

The most serious incidents involved last summer's theater massacre in Colorado, last week's arrest of a Missouri man for a massacre 'plot' and next month a man will go on trial accused of taking a loaded gun and knives to a theater in Westlake.

With those incidents and the new developments from the 2010 attack, many movie goers have concerns about being safe at movie theaters.

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