Social network for outdoorsmen started in NE Ohio

Social network for outdoorsmen started in NE Ohio
Dean Giarrizzo
Dean Giarrizzo

GEAUGA COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland area hunters can take up to ten deer this hunting season and help control the urban deer population.  And those who bag a big one have a new place to tag and brag.

There's hardly a prouder moment for a hunter than when they bag a buck.  And they love to brag about it. So avid hunter Dean Giarrizzo, and his brother David brought the outdoors, online.

"Technology for hunters and fishermen has been slightly behind.  We really just wanted to bring them closer together," said Giarrizzo.

The web site, and their upcoming app, invite hunters to post pictures of their prize.

"We've created fun with it and the hunting season has really blown it up this year," said web site creator, Giarrizzo.

It's social networking with a shotgun.

"You can put tips on there.  And the more people that get on there, the more you can help each other out.  You say 'the deer are moving in this area or the fish are biting here,'" said Giarrizzo.

Ohio ranks 8th nationally in hunting-related sales, and 10th in the number of jobs associated with the industry that brings in $860 million each year.  Giarrizzo is targeting that same camouflaged crowd.

"When you're hunting there are so many purchases.  So much money goes into the sport with equipment, traveling, gas, meals.  There's definitely a lot of businesses that benefit from it," he said.

And if you're in the middle of nowhere as hunters often are, with no cell service, it's no problem.  The web site has a store and forward feature which will automatically upload your pictures when you get back to civilization.

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