Inside the investigation: Camilia Terry's web of lies

Inside the investigation: Camilia Terry's web of lies

Cleveland Police tell 19 Action News that Camilia Terry is currently being held in an isolation cell where she is monitored constantly and has no contact with other prisoners.

Terry originally reported her 3-year-old son Emilliano missing Sunday afternoon, a day later his body was found at a garbage plant in Oakwood Village.  While investigators searched for Emilliano, they say Camilia knew exactly where her son was and how he died.

From the very beginning of this case, police have had a lot of questions to ask Terry and she has had just as many stories.  At the start of this investigation, she said Emilliano disappeared. Terry later failed a lie detector test when questioned further.  Investigators tell us that at one point Terry admitted to them that she accidentally killed her son.

When the investigation was taken to her apartment, we're told the living conditions were described as "nasty" and smelled of urine and junk food was the only food found.  It was also discovered that Terry and her children all slept in just one bed.

Multiple sources say Terry claimed she had rolled over on her son and suffocated him. But evidence reveals that Emiliano suffered a skull fracture, broken ribs, head bruises and a lacerated liver.

Key video thought to be lost, showing Terry leaving her apartment with only two children just before reporting Emiliano missing, has now been recovered.

The video was recorded at a convenience store's security camera. Monday employees at the store told us investigators saw the video and deleted it.  They ended up taking the entire recording unit. Now investigators have pulled the video from the device.  The store manager says he hopes the video leads to justice.

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