Jobs Surge: Tech boom across northeast Ohio

Jobs Surge: Tech boom across northeast Ohio
Hyland Software
Hyland Software

WESTLAKE, OH (WOIO) - With Ohio in the top ten in states with tech jobs growth we went to a company that's doing just that, growing.

Hyland Software in Westlake has more than 11,000 customers in 60 countries, and they're expanding. Which will help Ohio continue its growth in the tech industry.

They hired 300 full-time employees in 2011 and will hire another 400 in 2013, with most of those jobs being right here in northeast Ohio.

"Not only is high tech growing, but Hyland Software is growing right here in northeast Ohio. So we're adding to that boom," explains Sarah Justice, team leader in recruiting for Hyland Software.

Ohio has three metro areas that place in the top 25 in the county for job growth in the tech industry: Cleveland, Dayton and Canton-Massillon.

Hyland Software fits that category and has a pretty impressive set up for its 1,000 local employees.

One of the interesting things about these new tech companies is how they think out of the box.

At Hyland they've got a barber shop, a full dining room, a day care center and how do you leave at the end of the work day?  You can take one of two slides to the ground floor.

The challenge will be to find the 400 qualified new employees. From programmers, to software testers and customer relations.  It may mean moving people to the Cleveland area, and that's also a good thing.

"Whenever you're looking at hiring 400 people it's always going to be a challenge no matter what. But that's what we're excited about, is yes it's going to be kind of testing for us to try different outlets to find these candidates, but we don't envision that's it's going to be a huge struggle," boasts Justice.

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