Family remains hospitalized after car slams into house

Family remains hospitalized after car slams into house
Christopher Lukasiewicz, Jr. and Cassandra Lukasiewicz
Christopher Lukasiewicz, Jr. and Cassandra Lukasiewicz

MENTOR, OH (WOIO) - A family is brought to tears as they describe what their loved ones are going through after a car came crashing into their Mentor home early Sunday morning.

"I can't imagine what my sister's going through, looking at her children hoping if they're going to make it through or not, explains Shaina Luptak.

Luptak's sister, Tonya Blare, her two children, three-year old Christopher Lukasiewicz, Jr. and one-year old Cassandra Lukasiewicz, along with her fiance Christopher Lukasiewicz were in their living room when police say 28 -year old Daniel Vanderhoof Jr. crashed into their house.

"The three-year old was stuck underneath the car with his dad.  I mean how traumatic," says Natilee Blare, the grandmother of the youngest victims.

Police say Vanderhoof was drunk and speeding when he slammed into the family's home on Comanche Trail.  Vanderhoof has previous convictions and no license.  Emergency crews rushed the family to the hospital.

Christopher Lukasiewicz suffered several injuries.

"His leg is completely broken and his shoulder is really messed up.  Something is really wrong with his colon and spine.  He's going to have to have all these surgeries, says Shaina Luptak.

Now the family of the victims wants justice.  "I hope he sits and rots in jail to be honest.  It's just not fair, says Luptak.

Vanderhoff's charges include with four counts of aggravated vehicular assault, operating a vehicle while intoxicated, driving without a license, and leaving the scene of an accident.

Bond was set at $410,000.

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