Fiscal cliff protesters want help from Cleveland congressman

Fiscal cliff protesters want help from Cleveland congressman

With the fiscal cliff looming dozens are protesting possible cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid here in Cleveland.

A small group of protestors gathered at the free stamp to put the pressure on Washington.

"The cuts are going to hurt the middle class families and we don't need to see them," said Margie Chambers.

The demonstrators are calling on an Ohio congressmen to protect those programs.

Republican Senator Rob Portman's office is in the federal building right across the street from the free stamp.  Protestors say they have had enough of the Washington bickering and want and end to the fiscal cliff.

Dawn Ring says her family has hurt during the 2008 financial crisis.  "We're both cancer survivors so we lost our healthcare insurance.  Thank goodness for Obamacare healthcare now."

Dawns says the country and her family can't afford another financial crisis.

Christmas is 15 days away and December 31st is the deadline for our government to work things out.  Dawn says she's not worried about the holidays, it's our politicians that have her anxious.  "I feel like the people in Washington just don't get it," said Dawn.

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