Editorial: Rock Hall Vision

Editorial: Rock Hall Vision

Well, the list is out again and this year it includes the late Donna Summer, queen of disco.  Yes, the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame has a very loose definition of rock and that creates the criticism for the selection committee.

But it was another selection, just a week earlier that should have Cleveland's attention.  Greg Harris was named the new president of the Rock Hall.

Harris was an inside candidate, already working at the Rock Hall in something called development. That's sort of a fancy title for someone who organizes special events and fundraising.

So what big plans does he have for the future?  Well, none that we know of so far.  No need to rush. His introduction was as much about Terry Stewart, the man he's replacing.

Some other folks might be a little bit smarter on this issue than I am, but the Rock Hall needs to become a bigger player in the revival of Cleveland's downtown.  There's talk of a music walk-of-fame, much like the one for Hollywood stars.  There's also a call to have more concerts centered at the Rock Hall and adjacent Voinovich Park.  But so far, you can make a pretty good case that the Rock Hall isn't as big a Cleveland asset as it ought to be.

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