Editorial: Concussion Bill: Mary Solomon

WOIO Editorial: Concussion Bill: Mary Solomon

(WOIO) - My name is Mary Solomon. I am a Pediatric Sports Medicine Physician at Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital. I have been invited to speak on the recent bill, House Bill 143, the Concussion Law. The legislation supports a safe environment on the playing field, court and arena to protect the developing athletes in Ohio from the complications of concussion.

The first point of the Concussion Law is to educate athletes, parents, coaches and officials regarding the common signs and symptoms of concussion. This improves recognition of concussions among injured athletes.

The second point requires that an athlete who has suffered a concussion be removed from competition in sport.  This requirement decreases the risk of persistent complications.

The third point requires that the athlete seek medical clearance from a licensed physician who is trained in the management of concussions. Because the pediatric brain is growing on a daily basis, management should be conservative in order to protect these children during the vulnerable healing period.

Similar bills have been passed across the country and I am pleased that Ohio is working to keep our children safe in sport.

Thank you.

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