The first day of winter arrives with a bang

The first day of winter arrives with a bang

Judging by the first day of winter, it looks like northeast Ohio could be in for a long one.

Lake Effect squalls turned parts of 271 into a parking lot.

"It has been hectic," said one Cleveland driver.

When conditions are this bad its actually good for Mooney and Son's Towing.

"It is the kind of night tow truck drivers like," said another Clevelander.

The towing company was so busy in fact, the mechanic had to be pulled out of the shop to help out in the snow.

Despite conditions lots of folks on the highways Friday night are starting their holiday vacations.

And it's no rest though for plow driver Gerald Spidell who is looking at a long night behind the wheel.

"I'm actually happy to see all the snow but its a pain getting to all of my accounts," said Gerald Spidell.

ODOT Salt Yards in Lake, Geauga and Cuyahoga Counties tell 19 Action News that they are fully staffed with crews working 12 hour shifts until this storm is over.

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