Dad hunts down man who fought with his son

Dad hunts down man who fought with his son

Police say a father and son shoot a man at an RTA bus stop. The shooting was apparently in retaliation for a fight the son had with the victim on Christmas Day.

The shooting happened around 8:55 a.m. on January 1, 2013 near East 140th and St. Clair Avenue.

Anthony Rembert of Cleveland, 39, was shot in the back.  After being shot Rembert ran from the bus stop and as he ran the suspect fired several more shots at him.

The victim was able to run to the Marathon Gas Station and request assistance. After shooting the victim the suspects fled the scene.

Fifth District Officers toured the area for the suspects with negative results.

The suspect information and facts of this investigation to be presented the Prosecutor's Office by Fifth District Detectives for review.

Rembert is being treated at Metro.

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