Local moms on a gun control mission

Local moms on a gun control mission

The school shootings in Connecticut had a profound impact on all of us.

Now a local mom is joining millions around the country to do something about it.

In the tradition of the Mothers Against Drunk Driving the One Million Moms Movement for Gun Control is raising its voice to put a stop to gun violence across America, including right here in northeast Ohio.

"I'm here to represent 1-million moms for gun control," said Lisa Ciocia.

Who can forget the deadly shootings, killing 20 kids at Sandy Hook Elementary.

Lisa Ciocia and the other moms against guns want to make sure you never forget. What's more, they are mobilizing million of mothers across the country to put a stop to gun violence.

The group of determined moms are calling for four things: reinstate the ban on assault weapons and big capacity magazines; close loopholes that encourage private gun sales without background checks at gun show and on the Internet and limit concealed weapons laws at the state level.

"We're not trying to take away your guns. We're just trying to get simple common sense laws passed that will keep guns away from criminals and mentally ill people," said Lisa Ciocia.

Lisa typed in her zip code and up popped the names of local people killed since Sandy Hook.

"You report every day on the news, last night a 14 year-old was killed, murdered and her unborn child that's two people. Every three hours there's a child murdered by gun violence in this country," said Lisa.

Lisa and the 1 million moms are using the Internet and shear number to force change. There are 4 million current members of the NRA, but there are 80-million moms. She says you do the math.

"Do you really want your schools to look like prisons. Do you want your schools to have boarded up windows and armed guards at every door? Do you want your teacher wielding guns," said Lisa.

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