Health Alert: Hospitalizations increase due to the flu

Health Alert: Hospitalizations increase due to the flu
Flu hospitalizations increase
Flu hospitalizations increase

A nasty flu has taken up residence in Northeast Ohio.

"Up to date we have 205 flu related hospitalizations. That compares to a total 222 that occurred during the entire flu season of last year," said Cleveland Director of Public Health, Karen Butler.

She says while it's raised awareness about flu shots, it hasn't resulted in a rush on vaccines.

"Flu shot demand here has been rather steady, and as a direct result we still have an ample supply to serve those who need it," said Butler.

At the Cuyahoga County Board of Health, their coolers are also stocked with an adequate supply.

"Now that people are starting to hear how severe this flu season is becoming, we have seen an increase number of phone calls from people looking to get vaccinated," said Deputy Director of Prevention and Wellness Services, Romona Brazile.

Local drug stores 19 Action News called are in good shape, only two out of seven pharmacies we contacted were out of shots.

Brazile says they see flu activity through March, even into April, so it's not too late to protect yourself, even if the flu's already invaded your home.

"The people in the household can still be vaccinated. They should just be aware that it can take 7-10 days to be fully protected," said Brazile.

In the interim, she says rely on the old standbys: cough into your elbow, wipe down door handles, and wash your hands.

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