Flu Shots in Short Supply

Flu Shots in Short Supply
Flu shots being distributed at a local Drugmart
Flu shots being distributed at a local Drugmart

(WOIO) - Daniel and Stacy Corrigan are both kids with the flu.

"I feel kind of good, kind of bad," says Daniel Corrigan.

"It's uncomfortable, and you often feel cold or warm," describes Stacy Corrigan.

Daniel and Stacy didn't get a flu shot but their little sister did. Now she's the only healthy one in the family. Cold hard facts about the flu and how deadly its become are getting even the doctors themselves to roll up their sleeves.

"This is a bad year, so it's worth getting - especially at my age," says Dr. Norm Tulodziecki, a veterinarian in Parma.

Dr. T - as he's known - is lucky to be getting a vaccination. Locally, flu shots are beginning to be in short supply.

The Discount Drug Mart in Strongsville had doses of the flu vaccine left, but that number was expected to change by the end of the day. The best thing to do is to call ahead.

"We are supposed to be getting more in, so we don't run out, but the best thing to do is to call ahead to make sure we have it in stock," adds Dennis Liska, the manager of Discount Drug Mart in Strongsville.

We called around, and other drug stores offering flu shots were going through the same thing. More vaccines expected to be shipped in, but in limited quantities. For those that already have the flu, express clinics like the one at Discount Drug Mart in Strongsville are helping.

"An express clinic like we have is a great thing if all of a sudden you are not feeling well. You know you can't get into your primary doctor, you can stop, and they can see you," said Liska.

No one knows how much worse the flu situation will get. every vaccination may represent one less person that may help it spread.

"Prevention is the key. Prevention is the key to anything," said Luka Guzina as he got his flu shot.

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