Montville homes struck with bullets after rapid gunfire

Montville homes struck with bullets after rapid gunfire
Guns seized in Montville Twp. (Source: Montville Police)
Guns seized in Montville Twp. (Source: Montville Police)
The home where the shootings stem from in Montville Twp.
The home where the shootings stem from in Montville Twp.

MONTVILLE TOWNSHIP, OH (WOIO) - The Montville Police Department responded to reports of rapid gunfire with homes in a residential neighborhood being struck Wednesday.

Police say two separate 911 callers relayed that they could hear rapid succession of gunfire and then quickly realized that some of the bullets were striking their houses.

The first police unit on scene met with the callers, reported that the gunfire had stopped, and was able to determine that the bullets had come from a northeasterly direction.

As that officer and other officers began checking the adjacent fields, on foot, a second round of rapid gunfire erupted.

Police say during this second round of rapid gunfire, an officer reported hearing bullets going over his head, and additional 911 calls from both of the original callers reported that their houses were being struck again.

All 911 callers were ordered to their basements until the gunfire ceased.

As additional units arrived, the gunfire censed and then started back up. Within seconds of the third round of rapid gunfire starting, two Montville Officers engaged two males at gunpoint, in the back yard of 5544 Windfall Road.

Both men were ordered to the ground and taken into custody. Both men are being held in the Montville Jail until charges are filed.

Police identified the two men taken into custody as Mark Bornino, 53 of Medina and R. Daniel Volpone, 54 of Patina.

According to authorities, further investigation revealed that the men had been consuming alcohol and were shooting at paper targets with no back stop.

The distance from the area the men were shooting to the homes that were struck, is estimated to be 500 yards.

The homes that were struck were both occupied, but no one was hurt.

Both homes sustained damage, with one of the homes having two AK47 bullet holes through the walls. After going through the wall, one of the rounds became lodged into a kitchen appliance, at head level.

Units from the Medina Township Police Department as well as the Medina County Sheriff Department assisted with the arrests.

Police say the weapons and ammunition that the men were shooting were seized and include:

- One AK-47 Assault Riffle with 628 rounds

- One 9mm Handgun with 50 rounds

- One 380 Handgun with 8 rounds

- One 22 revolver with 40 rounds

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