Editorial: Policing the Police

WOIO Editorial: Policing the Police

(WOIO) - Just a few days ago, a Cleveland Police officer was shot during a neighborhood search for a suspect. Thankfully, his police armor intercepted the bullet and saved his life.

The incident reminds us just how perilous the jobs of our men in blue can be. It also puts the spotlight, though, on the few cops who disgrace their badge. Like the Cleveland Detective exposed by our Carl Monday.

Officer Vincent Lucarelli was fired last week, after we discovered that the veteran officer had sent over 30,000 text messages, many of them sexually explicit to women involved in crimes that he was investigating.

You gotta wonder, where were his supervisors? It's the same question we asked after Monday caught two cops running a landscaping business out of the trunk of their police car.

Well, there's no excuse for this sort of behavior on the force. It reflects badly on the vast majority of cops who put their lives on the line each and every day.

Write and let me know what you think. I'm Bill Applegate.

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