Officers in big police chase: a closer look

Officers in big police chase: a closer look

We're asking new questions about the number of officers involved in a deadly chase--one that ended with police shooting and killing two people.

We've found more than half of the force on duty may have been involved.

Yesterday the chief revealed to 19 Action News for the first time, at least 61 officers were involved. That made us look at it a different way.

We've requested how many officers were on-duty that night, November 29 of last year. Or how many might be on a typical night. Meantime we got an estimate from a source with knowledge of police staffing. With that, depending on a few variables, the number in the chase could have been more than half of those on duty.

Officers have repeatedly wondered why the driver in the chase didn't just pull over, and some have pointed out when bad things happen they rush to danger.

For example, in another big incident this week, an officer shot in his bulletproof vest, we saw a huge response. One estimate for that--75 to 80 officers searching for a man trying to kill a cop.

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