Clyde Cancer victims upset with the government

Published: Apr. 9, 2013 at 1:29 AM EDT
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Clyde residents upset with government
Clyde residents upset with government

CLYDE, OH (WOIO) - Families of victims in the Clyde Cancer Cluster say government officials are shutting them out, so they are doing their own testing to find out what's killing their own kids.

One set of families have already filed a $750 million lawsuit against the Whirlpool Corporation now another set of families here in Clyde tell our Scott Taylor they have tested victim's homes and have found something significant enough to turn it over to the EPA.

"We have asked to be involved because we want to move the process along.  As private citizens we have been denied that right," said Attorney Alan Mortensen.

The families include Warren & Wendy Brown, parents of Alexa Brown and Kole Keller's grandfather Steve Keller.

Both Alexa and Kole died in the cancer cluster.

"The bottom line is kids are still getting sick here. It will be six years tomorrow that Kole Joseph Keller past away," said Steve Keller, the grandfather of Kole Keller.

The test results come after a second group of families filed a lawsuit against Whirlpool after the EPA discovered PCB's at whirlpool park the company's former outdoor water park.

"We want to know why.  Who and what caused a statistical anomaly by the Ohio Department of Health. We want the truth," said Warren Brown.

The families are now asking the EPA to come back to Clyde and test the homes of more of the victims.

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