Murder mystery, Online tax, Fessing up

Good Monday morning Northeast Ohio!

Police are investigating a murder mystery this morning.  The body of a man was found in his condo over the weekend, now authorities are searching for a killer.  Our Bill Safos is live this morning with the latest.

We could know later today whether it's going to get more expensive to shop online.  A vote could add a sales tax to your purchases.  Do lawmakers expect this one to pass?

There's a law against it in Ohio, but do you still catch people texting and driving? Maybe you still do it?  Hear what one new survey says about the dangerous deed!

And, are you afraid to fess up to that ding you put in the car?  Find out who's more likely to lie about it:  men or women!

19 Action News This Morning starts at 4:30 a.m. with Catherine Bosley and Brian Duffy.