Neighbors complain about Columbia Township shooting range

Neighbors complain about Columbia Township shooting range
Columbia Township Shooting Range
Columbia Township Shooting Range

COLUMBIA TOWNSHIP, OH (WOIO) - At this time Wednesday night neighbors tell 19 Action News it sounded like war had broken out at a Columbia Township construction company.

As it turns out there's a shooting range that's opened up on the property about a month's legal but not welcomed.

The business is called Citywide Construction and we've been trying to get ahold of the owner.

And while on the property we found the gun range. Apparently on Wednesday night, and several times in the past month, several law enforcement agencies have using the sight for training. Last night they were shooting until 10:20 at night.

One neighbor has captured some of the shooting.

"They had us up until 10:30 at night with grenades going off, rapid fire. Felt like I was in Afghanistan," said Ken Kyle who lives across the street.

The property is located in Columbia Township, and is zoned recreational which means the shooting is legal. The problem is directly across the street is Olmsted falls and this housing complex.

"Everybody has the right to their life to peace, to be able to cook out, to talk and we're having that taken from us," says Brandi Borgia, who also lives across the street from the range. 

Nancy, who doesn't want to be identified, had a bullet removed from her home a couple weeks ago, not sure of it was from the range.

"I think it's too bad if bullets are just flying everywhere," said Nancy.

Olmsted Township Trustee Dick Heidecker wants it shut down.

"We're trying to shut it down. As a public nuisance. I don't like to hear gun shots at 20 after 10:00 at night," said Trustee Dick Heidecker.

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