Cover Up: Yoga pants restricted in local school district

Cover Up: Yoga pants restricted in local school district
Yoga pants
Yoga pants

They're great for exercising or lounging around the house. But now there's a push to restrict yoga pants at area schools.

"Yoga pants, you get all the greatness of skinny jeans but their so comfortable," said Jasmine Berkenstok

Comfortable or not stretchy pants, yoga pants, leggings or whatever you want to call them can't be worn a Cuyahoga Falls Schools unless they're covered up.

"You can't wear yoga pants unless your shirt comes half way to your thigh," added Jasmine.

"A lot of people would make inappropriate comments in the hallway while people are wearing yoga pants," said Hanna Conn.

School officials warned students about the fashion choice and even called their parents to tell them about the yoga pants rule that's been in place for a while -- but now they're enforcing it. There's even a yoga test to make sure your covered.

"You put your hands flat besides your legs to make sure that it reaches your fingertips," added Hanna.

This parent tells us she has no problem with her daughter wearing the pants.

"It's good to a point, but, then if they keep pushing it what's going to be next," said Cynthia Conn. "I figure as long as it covers your belly then who cares."

So if you're a student in Cuyahoga Falls you may not want to exercise your rights, about the only place to wear yoga pants without any restrictions is away from campus -- like at a yoga class or risk getting in trouble.

"It's just easier cause if you go to work out later because sometimes I do that after school and you go to the gym and your ready," said Jasmine.

Some school districts across the country are banning the pants altogether. Again Cuyahoga Falls officials say you can wear yoga pants just cover up. If not students could face disciplinary action.

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