TODAY: Pastor to baptize hundreds at Edgewater Park

TODAY: Pastor to baptize hundreds at Edgewater Park

On Saturday, September 7, starting at 12:30 p.m., Pastor R. A. Vernon of "THE WORD" Church plans to conduct a citywide baptism at Edgewater Park located at 6700 Cleveland Memorial Shoreway.

A representative for "THE WORD" Church says they have at least 300 of their own members scheduled to be baptized, but Pastor Vernon is still welcoming more.

It is reported that the pastor says he wants to touch as many people as possible due to the violence in the community over the last year or so, and particularly against women.

It was also noted that the pastor spoke about having three local serial killers revolving in and out of court at the same time and that he sees the baptism as an opportunity to do something civic, significant, and symbolic in the face of so much evil.

This is not the first time "THE WORD" Church has baptized at Lake Erie.

A little over a decade ago, the church made front page news when it held a service and baptismal at the lake.

LaRese Purnell, CFO and Chief of Staff says the church has enlisted the help of local authorities including rangers, lifeguards, and security officials to ensure the public's safety at the event.

"THE WORD" Church is encouraging anyone who would like to be baptized to come to Edgewater Park this Saturday. Those interested in being baptized need only to wear a black t-shirt and jeans and be present by 11:30am.

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