The educational fight for two autistic girls

Published: Sep. 13, 2013 at 11:31 PM EDT
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They lost their mother to murder and their father to prison for committing it.

Now more troubles for two autistic girls -- a school system is saying it won't pay for their special education.

"Federal law says every disabled child is entitled to a free appropriate public education. This lawsuit charges that the Hudson schools are denying that to two autistic children," said Taub Kornblut.

Allison and Caitlin Kornblut are the now eight and ten year old daughters of Marcie Kornblut. Her husband Joseph plead guilty to her bludgeoning death in 2006. Further complicating at least Ali's needs.

"We don't know what happened, what she saw that night but we feel strongly that she saw something," said Taub Kornblut.

The children have attended the Monarch School, specialists in autism where they get one-on- one attention. It costs $76,000 a year. State funding picks up only $20,000. Grandparents Taub and Joan, both in their 70's, have picked up the difference -- until now. They want Hudson Schools to step up.

"It's our responsibility to see that they get the best possible education that we can possibly provide for them," said Attorney Michelle McGuire.

Hudson says it's own program is appropriate for the girls. An option that would require special buses for each girl, an aide for each and teachers.

"If you're gonna spend the 35-to-40 thousand for transportation plus the cost of educating them, why not allow them to go to a school that's 10 to 15 minutes away from them where they're getting a one-on-one, where they're very happy and they're learning," added Attorney McGuire.

Moving them from one environment to another is going to cause more harm than benefit.

It is a story that in the end boils down to a question. Are taxpayers dollars better spent educating those with special needs or paying lawyers not to?

The district has hired a high powered Cleveland Law firm to fight the case.

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