Perez still a problem for Tribe

Cleveland (WOIO) - So I predicted 91 wins back in March, and here the Indians stand, with 87 wins, and 5 games to go. Can they win four of their last 5? I wouldn't bet against 'em. Either way, I think they're getting in, and once they get in, well, anything can happen, especially with a team riding the waves of emotion that have carried the Tribe the past month.

But there's one player who scares the living daylights out of me, especially in clutch situations, and that, of course, is Chris Perez. He hasn't been the same since his off-the-field issues threatened to derail his season, and incarcerate his dog, and Tuesday night, he was at it again, blowing another save in one of the biggest games of the season. Giving up one home run in the 9th was bad enough. Giving up two? It'd be comical, if it wasn't so frustrating, and in terms of the Wild Card race, dangerous.

His teammates once again bailed him out, and were saved the embarrassment of answering for Perez' failures following the game, since their closer refuses to talk to the media. That story is old, as well.

I've always liked Perez. He was candid, outspoken, and quite often, correct. But the game he's playing in the clubhouse has worn thin. And the game he's playing on the field? Well, actions speak louder than words, and I'm sure not comfortable with him on the hill, in big moments, once they do get into the playoffs.

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