Brooklyn Police's Sgt. Sleepy is caught again

Brooklyn Police's Sgt. Sleepy is caught again

BROOKLYN, OH (WOIO) - A cell phone picture taken in May of what a citizen says is Brooklyn Police Officer Jeff Carson sleeping on the job around 1:30 in the afternoon is the focus of the latest sleeping controversy at City Hall.

Patrolman Carson admitted to supervisors he might have dozed off.

This is the same cop 19 Action News Investigative Reporter Scott Taylor exposed five years ago of taking midnight naps as a sergeant and a shift supervisor.

In 2008 Taylor caught him driving into a wooded area night after night in Brooklyn and flat out snoozing when he was suppose to be patrolling your streets.

Here's a look back at Scott Taylor's wake-up call with Sgt. Sleepy.

Scott Taylor says "Hi Sgt. Carson. I'm Scott Taylor with 19 Action News. Can you tell me what you have been doing for the past three hours back in the woods?"

Officer Carson responds "No, I have been on patrol. Thank you."

Scott Taylor says "No you haven't.  You've actually…Can you wait? Can you wait for a second?"

Officer Carson starts to pull away in his patrol car.

Carson says "No I can't."

Scott Taylor says "You've been sleeping back there. I want to ask you some questions. Can you stop, sir?"

Carson says "I can't."

After Scott Taylor confronted Officer Carson… Carson admitted to the police chief he was sleeping on the job.

Sergeant Carson was demoted to Patrolman Carson.

This latest snooze fest cost Carson a seven day suspension without pay in August. He signed a last chance agreement instead of being fired.

Jeff Carson decided to retire in September.

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