Browns Friday: Chud on Lions, Haden, etc.

Browns Friday: Chud on Lions, Haden, etc.

Browns Head Coach Rob Chudzinski met with the media on Friday to discuss the game against Detroit, Joe Haden's development, Brian Hoyer's surgery and more.

Opening statement:

"We're pleased with our week of preparation. We've had three good days of practice. I think our guys, I like their attention to detail. They recognize the challenge that Detroit is, an outstanding team, very talented. We'll need to be sharp and on top of our game in all three phases. It presents a great challenge for us. We're excited for the challenge, and we're also excited about being at home and having our fans out there as well for the game."

On a process of maintaining momentum:

"I think the best way is taking the approach that we have of just treating every single week as a brand new week and just resetting after the game is over, knowing the challenges that are ahead. You look at a team like Detroit and the type of team they are, it's a great challenge for us in every area, individually and as a team."

On why teams have been able to run the ball against Detroit:

"They've actually played good against the run, and teams have been able to hit some big runs. You look at some of the teams they've played, and it's just more about big runs as far as the averages go."

On if LB Jabaal Sheard will be starting against Detroit:

"We'll determine it. He and (LB Quentin) Groves are both questionable for the game. We'll determine it when we get there."

On how Sheard and Groves looked during practice this week:

"I thought they moved around pretty good. We worked them back in the team things. Again, we'll see how they respond tomorrow after a few days of hard work and where they're at and if they're ready."

On how much his trust in DB Joe Haden has grown this season:

"I can't say enough about Joe Haden. He's been everything you'd want him to be. I know he's still striving and working to get better, but he's answered every challenge, he's been consistent for us and those are the things we've looked for him to be going into the season."

On where he needed to see Haden grow:

"Really consistency. You knew he had the talent and he has that ability, but his approach from a mental standpoint, from a physical standpoint, consistency and being true to his technique and being disciplined in those areas, that's where I've seen the biggest growth, and you can see it on the field."

On if there will be a roster move for a third quarterback:

"We're just still looking at the options that are out there. There's a number of different ways and places and things that we can do. There's not a real hurry or a necessity to be in a hurry for it. When we get to the point where we can do it, whatever that is, we'll do it.

On QB Brian Hoyer's surgery schedule:

"Next Friday."

On if it will be at Cleveland Clinic:

"From my understanding."

On if he knows who will be conducting the surgery:

"I don't."

On why they waited so long to make a decision:

"Typically, you wait and get all of the swelling (down). The more swelling you can get out before the surgery, the quicker the rehab on the back end."

On how long rehab would be with this particular surgery:

"We're hoping that he would be back during the spring and OTA's and all of those things."

On how TE Gary Barnidge has helped the team:

"He's done a lot of the dirty jobs for us, so to speak. He's blocking, he's pass protecting and he's making some catches here and there. He's doing all of the things lining up. Obviously, he has a background in the system so that helps with guys around him, as well, and just being out there and pointing and being a traffic cop sometimes."

On if Barnidge is his kind of tight end:

[Laughter] "I like tight ends; I like them all. But he doesn't complain; He never complains. He does his jobl; it doesn't matter what it is, and comes every day to work with a smile."

On if teams are defending TE Jordan Cameron differently since the start of the season:

"I don't see that yet. Obviously, they're paying attention to him, but I'm not seeing anything from a scheme standpoint where it's a massive change in what anyone is doing."

On why Cameron's stats were down from his other games this season:

"Those are just the things that are going to happen from game to game where somebody gets a little more attention or the coverages come up when you're calling the plays that somebody else gets the ball. You like to have that kind of balance on your offense where it could be anybody on any given day that has a chance to have the big day. You want the guys to be able to respond. Fortunately, we've been able to do that the last few games."

On what Cameron has improved that may not be as obvious:

"His blocking. He's gotten a lot better at his blocking. I think his understanding of football and route running and being able to beat people man-to-man and those types of things. He's grown as a player because he's understanding the game better and getting in our system and being in our system for more time has helped that."

On Lions DE Ezekiel Ansah and if he would have fit into their defense:

"Yeah, we did quite a bit of work on (Ezekiel) Ziggy. He's a really interesting guy, his background and his story. He's very talented. You can see that on tape. You look at the games he's played so far, you see that talent coming out and really developing and really what everybody thought he could develop into."

On how close the defense is to being considered a defense teams can't run against:

"I think time will tell, as far as that goes. We have to keep things in perspective. We've played five games and that's a lot of conversation this week with our team. As far as our run defense, it's been excellent, obviously, so far from a scheme standpoint, the things that (defensive coordinator) Ray (Horton) has brought here, as well as going out and making our priority in the offseason with getting some guys in that front seven and adding them to the mix there. I think the guys are developing that type of mentality that this is an important thing; we want to stop the run."

On the team not losing focus:

"It says a lot about the leadership in the locker room, and those guys that have been here for a while. You know about (LB) D'Qwell (Jackson) and (OL) Joe Thomas, but there's some other guys, Quentin Groves, some of the newer guys and even some guys, Joe Haden and (DB) T.J. Ward and some guys stepping up; (DL) Phil Taylor and (WR) Davone Bess. There's a lot of good guys in that locker room that keep it level whether things are going good or not so good. I give those guys the credit."

On picturing Haden covering Lions WR Calvin Johnson man-to-man, if Johnson plays:

"I don't know if I have a picture of it. Obviously, Calvin Johnson is a difference maker, and he's the best in the business at what he does. It's going to be a challenge for us. Whether it's Joe (Haden) or anybody else out there, we have to go and do our best and work to try to contain him. It's hard to stop him, but at least contain him. It's going to be a team effort to do that."

On expectations on whether Johnson will play on Sunday:

"We're expecting him to play. It doesn't change anything as far as our approach, whether he does or doesn't. We're expecting him to play. They're a very talented team. They have a lot of weapons on offense so whether he's there or not, they still have plenty of options. Again, it's going to be a great challenge for us and our defense."

On talking to players about Lions DT Ndamukong Suh and keeping their focus:

"We talk generally about keeping our composure. This is no different than any other game. Emotions are always high. Being a smart football player is something that we stress, wanting guys to be smart and keep their composure out there when they're playing."