The mental health of Brown's fans

The mental health of Brown's fans

Still seething over that ridiculous interception Brandon Weeden threw late in Sunday's game with Detroit?  If so, you might want to take a step back.

Dr. Chrissy Alexander of MetroHealth Medical Center says that a Browns' game, any game for that matter should be nothing more according than a healthy break from real life.

"It's a step away from the day to day worries. 'I have to worry about my kids, get the bills paid.  I've got this going on at work.  I've got this struggle in my life.'"

Although it may be tough for fans to love the Browns, especially when they win three straight and then perform like they did Sunday, remember you can't control the game.

Dr. Alexander says, "And those are the people that are most affected by a win or a loss.  They're going to allow their life to be dictated by something of which they have no control."

For the most part, Dr. Alexander thinks fans get it.

"Initially the loss is frustrating but I'm already getting pumped for Sunday's game," says Browns' fan, Tony Crayton.

"Big disappointment but we get over it.  We're used to losing but we're big Cleveland fans," says Esther.

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