Editorial: Seeing red over Chief Wahoo

WOIO Editorial: Seeing red over Chief Wahoo

(WOIO) - Well, it made national news. USA Today printed a high profile article and locally, a Plain Dealer column prompted over a 1,000 heated responses.  A story about the government shutdown?  No, we're talking about a real hot-button issue here: The controversy over our own "Chief Wahoo."

Now, Wahoo has been in this politically incorrect pickle before but this time the spark was liberal unrest over the Washington Redskins name. The Oneida Indian Nation - bored apparently with just running casinos - turned its attention to the storied Washington football franchise earlier this year and is trying mightily to force its owner to scrap the almost 100 year-old name. They say it's racist and derogatory.

Well, the fact is these indian names were created back in the day to portray ferocity not racism.  But ferocity is out of fashion these days and I predict the language police aren't going to quit until Wahoo and The Redskins are gone -- the Chicago Bears re-name the Chicago Teddy Bears and the Detroit Lions will become the Detroit Pussycats.

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