Are school bomb threats being handled properly?

Are school bomb threats being handled properly?

(WOIO) - Are bomb threats at local schools being dealt with properly?

There have been a rash of them in the past week - each with an evacuation of a school building. There has even been an arrest, but as Reporter Paul Orlousky found, there may be a better way.

The scenes have become all too familiar. Students coming out, police, fire and EMS arriving, and searching the scene. Then, the confusing return to the building. It is disruptive, and one expert says, unsafe.

Ken Trump is a school security expert who says this may be the perfect time for schools to reassess their best practices in these situations. He believes leaving the building is not always the best practice.

"Kids leave a school, they're going out into an area that is harder to supervise, you don't know what you're going out of the building into.  So acting quickly and pulling the switch is the natural reaction, taking time to assess the situation may be the best reaction," said Trump.

Trump says the threats are also getting harder to trace now because of technology. Some threats are coming from texts, Facebook and even international proxy servers.

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