Can Campbell be 'mmm mmm good'?

Berea, OH (WOIO) - Rob Chudzinski almost broke the cliché meter on Wednesday, while talking about Jason Campbell and why he'll start over Brandon Weeden on Sunday.

"His leadership, his experience...his arm strength, his mobility", was how Chud put it, when asked what factors went into this decision.

Four qualities that you want in a quarterback, obviously, and four qualities that somehow kept Campbell on the bench through the first seven weeks, behind both Weeden and Brian Hoyer.

A cynic would ask, if Campbell's that dynamic, what possibly held him back?  And a conspiracy theorist would answer, as many in this town already have.

But it could be as simple as the Browns sincerely believing that Weeden was initially the best option, Hoyer was a stunning surprise, and Campbell?  Well, his body of work through 71 career starts shows him to be average, at best.

Still, I believe the Browns will benefit from this move. I believe Campbell will see things, and react, much quicker than Weeden can. I believe his mobility will be  a factor. And I believe his teammates will be elevated by his promotion. How long it lasts, we'll see.

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