Dead kid as Halloween decoration: How do you see it?

Dead kid as Halloween decoration: How do you see it?

19 Action News is hearing outrage over something left on the sidewalk -- It's a decoration that looks eerily like a dead child. So we had to go talk to the people behind it.

Schimika Williams told us, "It's for Halloween. Me and my niece made it. We put it there. People think it's a kid. Scare 'em."

And it worked. A viewer sent us a picture of it because it's so alarming.

There with just a pumpkin at a home on E. 108 and Earle in Cleveland.

Williams changed her story when we kept asking questions.

"It's all in fun. It wasn't there for anyone to be scared of," she said.

One neighbor told us he's fine with it, but he admitted it can be startling. A mother and children we met were horrified when we showed them a picture.

Later we were told the little girl had been sitting up and someone knocked her over. We found the decoration now on the porch in a pile of pieces.

Williams added, "everybody else laugh at it. You are the only ones that think something wrong with it. It's funny to us."

Week after week we report on actual predators trying to kidnap children all over north east Ohio and yet somehow a dead kid becomes a Halloween joke.

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