Local woman works her Mary Kay magic

Local woman works her Mary Kay magic

(WOIO) - With so many stories making news on a struggling economy, foreclosures, layoffs, and the government shut down.  This story marches to the beat of a different drum.

Mary Kay senior sales director Maggie Rader is a self made "you go girl!" woman, who sells more than makeup.  She's the example of empowerment to be your own boss and she has been extremely happy during a time of uncertainty for many.

Maybe Rader is happy because she is driving her 10th free brand new Cadillac compliments of Mary Kay.  Rader has been sitting pretty since she left corporate America as a tax accountant with 2 young children 28 years ago.

Her bread and butter are skin care and cosmetics from one of the most lucrative companies in the world, Mary Kay and Maggie has sold to thousands of women and men despite panic attacks.

"Absolutely true.  I have an anxiety disorder and at my 3rd Mary Kay party I actually did hyperventilate and have a panic attack and had to be put in a recliner," says Rader.

Maggie's been overcoming and kicking butt as her own boss and making six figure salaries each of the last eight years.

Almost 300 consultants and directors have signed-on under Maggie to follow her lead and message in Mary Kay.

"We put faith first family second and job third and we work by the golden rule and I found my home."

Mary Kay consultants are moms, store owners, full time students, choir director and even 19 Action News Reporter Dawn Kendrick is an independent consultant.

"Whether you do Mary Kay for a reason, a season or a lifetime, you will be blessed I really do believe that."

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