Parents of child killed in hit-skip accident speak out

Parents of Israel Thornton asking for suspect to come forward
Parents of Israel Thornton asking for suspect to come forward

Israel Thornton's mother, Leah Simmons, says she doesn't hate the person who hit and killed her son.  She calls it an accident and she wants that person to turn themselves in.

Isreal was killed Friday in a hit-skip accident in Cleveland on the west side.

Both of Israel's parents know investigators have in their possession video of an SUV that they believe hit and killed their son.

Isreal was waiting to catch his bus to school with his 13-year-old cousin, when the incident occurred.

The vehicle, which hit Israel, was caught by a security camera from a passing school bus.

It's a newer model, light in color with no luggage rack on top and could have front end damage.  The SUV drove off after the accident, leaving Israel dying in the street.

Simmons says "I don't want to see people cry.  Israel didn't want to see me cry."

Simmons and Theo Thornton, Israel's father, sat down with 19 Action News to talk about their son who loved the Cleveland Browns and Spiderman.

Thornton tells us, "He was all I had.  Everyday I would tell him I love you, and he goes I love you.  I love you more.  I love you more."

As Israels' memorial on Denison grows, mom and dad know he loved his church and his school.  His home room was called Ohio State and that's why he would say he's going to be a Buckeye and a doctor.

Mom says, she never knew she was entertaining an angel and is asking the person who ended his life to come forward.

"It was an accident.  I don't want them to feel like I am hateful towards them," Simmons added.

If you know the driver or where the SUV is, call Crime Stoppers or the Cleveland Police.