"I DO!": 11-12-13 Wedding's

"I DO!": 11-12-13 Wedding's

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Numbers and love are working together today.

19 Action News reporter Dawn Kendrick talked to people who had this date, November 12th, 2013, in mind to start the rest of their lives.

11-12-13 is one of only 12 sequential dates this century, so unless a young couple we ran into who's 26 years old lives to be 126, this is the day for their 'once-in-a-lifetime nuptials in November.

The Akron courthouse was a popular place to pledge a lifetime of love.

Today was something to smile about for an estimated 3,300 couples tying the knot on 11-12-13, according to David's Bridal.

Akron Muni Court Judge Kathy Michael saw about 20 of those couples.

"There are so many people who want to get married on this day and feel it has special significance. Only comes once every 100 years," said Judge Michael.

Judge Michael also said the halls had some who originally came to the courthouse just to pick up a marriage license and decided to do the whole wedding ball of wax on this special day.

So if you're thinking oh darn --I missed today! You'll get another chance next year. It'll be your once in a lifetime I do's in December, on 12-13-14.

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