Cavaliers issues could be long term

Cleveland (WOIO) - Charles Barkley hit it on the head Thursday night, at halftime of yet another embarrassing Cavs beatdown. "You know I hope LeBron comes back to Cleveland, but why would he want to come back?", asked the always honest TNT host. And there lies the long term problem.

The Cavaliers certainly aren't soliciting my opinion, but since nobody asked, I'll offer it. Enticing LeBron back has never been my top priority. I've always wanted the Cavs to build a better team, and beat him. But clearly, that's not happening, either. This team is a mess. They have two #1 overall picks, two top 4 picks, and can't put a decent team on the court. Worse, they don't seem willing to even try, night in and night out. The head coach consistently, and publicly, puts that lack of effort on the players, and the players, well, they look like they refuse to buy into Mike Brown's system.

Chris Grant isn't going to fire Mike Brown midway through the season. That would be the dagger in his good friend's head coaching career, since Brown's last job, with the Lakers, ended five games into a season. And it's hard to imagine the Cavs moving Kyrie anytime soon, despite reports that Irving wants out. All-Star point guards aren't exactly easy to come by. But somebody's going to pay the price for this, and it'll likely be Grant.

In the meantime, back to Barkley's point. The issue isn't just who wants out anymore (Kyrie). It's also, why would anyone come back (LeBron)? And where, exactly, do the Cavaliers go from here?

Sadly, that last one, we can answer. Secaucus, New Jersey, and yet another NBA Draft Lottery.

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