School alerts police to father beaten and robbed at gunpoint

LAKE COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - School officials at a Lake County elementary school alerted police about suspicious activity involving one of their students.

Lake County Sheriff's deputies responded to Madison Elementary school after employees called and explained that two women arrived to pick up a student, but they were not authorized to do so.

The women said the boy's father had been robbed at gunpoint and beaten at his home and they wanted to make sure the boy was safely take care of.

The school called police.

Deputies checked it out and while at the home the school called police again and explained the father was at the school.

He was covered in blood.

The father, Louis Claudio explained that he was robbed and assaulted by two men and his girlfriend was held at gunpoint.

This incident is currently under investigation

However, based on the investigation thus far, police say the altercation may have been based on a previous relationship that Claudio was involved in.

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