Editorial: Airport Turbulence

Editorial: Airport Turbulence

(WOIO) - More than a week has now passed since United Airlines delivered a sucker punch to Cleveland's economy and its collective psyche.

Make no mistake, the airline's decision still stings and will for some time.   But with time comes perspective.   And one thing's already clear:  United wasn't about to keep it's hub at Hopkins Airport.   No way, no how.

The airline claims it was losing millions here, the product of a slowing economy and changing travel patterns.   And that no civic campaign or financial incentives would have changed their minds.

So why, we ask, were the Mayor and his Airport Director caught off-guard when Cleveland got its wings clipped?  Where was the back-up plan?  Why wasn't the City out shopping other airlines, knowing United was already buying a ticket out of town?

Once again, the folks at city hall were asleep at the controls.   While leaving Cleveland on auto-pilot.

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