Darren Sharper faces rape charges

Darren Sharper faces rape charges

Former NFL safety Darren Sharper has been charged with drugging and raping two women in Los Angeles, prosecutors say. The substances were morphine and zolpidem.

Sharper,38, played in the NFL form 1997 to 2010 mainly with the Packers but, finished out his career in New Orleans. The 6 time pro bowler has had a similar situations occur in the same night club, the first incident took place October 30th of 2013, and the 2nd on January 14th. Sharper gave each set of women alcohol and one of the woman said she woke up naked and stopped him from sexually assaulting her friend.

Sharper was arrested on Jan. 17 and released on $200,000 bail. Prosecutors want his bail raised to $10 million because the Miami resident faces similar investigations in Arizona, Nevada and Louisiana.

If convicted in the California case, he could face more than 30 years in prison.

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