Valentine's Day delivery delays: Blame it on the weather!

Valentine's Day delivery delays: Blame it on the weather!

(WOIO) - Damian Burnside ordered a Valentine's Day gift for his wife on February 9 and it's still not here.

"It caused a big disappointment, basically ruined my Valentine's Day," says Burnside.

Heavy snow on the east coast is causing all sorts of Valentine's Day gifts to be delayed, including Mr. Burnside's who lives in Akron.

Burnside went on to say, "I paid extra for them to be here today specifically on Valentine's Day.  I had some fast talking to do.  My wife didn't believe that I ordered them."

Talk about a far reaching effect - the east coast storm is even impacting business in Cleveland at the 12th Street Florist. Just ask owner Ken Wheeler.

"(In) South Carolina!  We tried to send an order for a customer and the florist said it might go out Saturday," says Wheeler.

The National Retail Federation predicts that the massive storm, stretching from Maine to Georgia could cut Valentine's Day dinners, last minute shopping and overnight hotel stays to the tune of $17.3 billion.

But Scott Meizer, of Cleveland, who is buying his flowers at the last minute puts it all in perspective.

"I hope everybody is safe, staying warm and digging themselves out.  They can celebrate with their loved ones when they get the chance," says Meizer.

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