Ray Rice and "must-see TV"

Cleveland (WOIO) - It's straight out of "Law & Order". A man, caught dragging an unconscious woman out of an elevator on surveillance video. Except this was fact, not fiction, and it involves an NFL star.

Ray Rice's attorney is asking fans not to rush to judgement, but the fact that the video was posted by TMZ just a few days after Rice and his fiancee were arrested for striking each other at an Atlantic City casino certainly doesn't make the Ravens running back look good. Especially since police believe that Rice knocked out his fiancee with an uppercut.

Painfully ironic is the rumor flying around the casino that Rice's fiancee spit in the running back's face. Rice, you remember, is the guy who spit in Phil Taylor's face during the Browns' Week 2 loss in Baltimore, a far less serious infraction than hitting a woman, obviously, but a sign of his character nonetheless.

Rice's attorney told the Baltimore Sun that the video of Rice and the unconscious woman showed "the very end of what transpired." But even as Rice's team waits for more facts to unfold, this much is true: starring in your own crime drama isn't a good look for anyone, even an NFL star.

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