Sophisticated burglary ring under investigation

Sophisticated burglary ring under investigation

19 Action News Reporter Ed Gallek has learned of an investigation into a sophisticated burglary ring using technology and coordinated crooks to hit homes like yours in Northeast Ohio.

A Cuyahoga County organized crime task force is now investigating this burglary ring.

These crooks were using GPS systems to find certain neighborhoods to target. They concentrating on homes with money and jewelry.  Breaking in with a few burglars together, and keeping one as a lookout.

They always wore gloves so no fingerprints were left at any of the crime scenes.  The criminals would even park their cars on streets near where they would break in.

Records show a Cleveland man is involved and cars tied to the burglaries have been found in Amherst and Kent.  Investigators even found a GPS in one car showing it had been driven to addresses near homes that had been broken into--same neighborhoods.

It is not clear yet how many homes were hit, or how many bad guys may have been involved. The case still developing.

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