The battle over the best steak in Cleveland!!!

The battle over the best steak in Cleveland!!!

It's an American Classic: a giant juicy steak.

"The interest in steak has always been there," says Nick Kostis of Pickwick and Frolic in Cleveland.

But the old school steakhouse is not what it used to be. As the demand for a choice cut of beef from a young, hip crowd has increased, so have the number of gourmet steakhouses popping up all around downtown.

Red, the Steakhouse, Morton's, Cleveland Chop - Hyde Park, XO, and Pickwick and Frolick, are some the most outstanding restaurants you'll find in this city. Declaring you have the best steak is something no one takes lightly. In fact, you might as well declare war right now.

"Steak is not just steak," says Zdenko Zovkic of XO on West Sixth in downtown Cleveland.

We learned very quickly not all cows are created equal.

At Pickwick and Frolick, Nick Kostis and steak expert Rick Cassara say they're serving up the best quality steaks in town. They even have a license.

"We are prideful about presenting that we are serving certified angus beef. There's no cut of meet that meets or exceeds certified angus," says Kostis.

But at XO, Zdenko Zovkic says the competition will tell you theirs is better, but he's got the best beef. He proudly displayed his finest cuts - even brought out the tomahawk steak that looks like it sounds.

"The commitment to quality is where it starts. We only serve USDA prime steaks," adds Zovkic, "There's only about one or two percent of all beef that is qualified to be a USDA prime steak quality level."

No one claims to have any special seasonings and they have similar cooking methods. The proof is in the taste buds of the beholder.

Check it out for yourself during Cleveland Restaurant Week.

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