Property owner is indicted after shooting suspected burglar

Property owner is indicted after shooting suspected burglar
Miodrag Bugarcic
Miodrag Bugarcic

We're tracking new developments in a case striking a nerve with many viewers.

A property owner was arrested for shooting and wounding a suspected burglar.

A grand jury just indicted that property owner--a man who's shot suspected burglars twice before.

Many viewers argue he only did what he had to do.

Miodrag Bugarcic has been indicted by Cuyahoga County Prosecutors on two counts of felony assault.

A week ago he shot and critically wounded a man on Cleveland's eastside.

Burgarcic said he'd found the man stealing wire in an empty old industrial building he owns.

Bugarcic shot and killed another suspected burglar before and wounded yet another.

Burgarcic didn't face charges in those other cases.

Why is this one a crime?

A police report shows Bugarcic fired at the robber while he was outside, as he ran off.

Dale Perog was critically injured and a week later is still in critical condition at MetroHealth Medical Center.

Perog's condition complicates things since investigators want to interview him.

If he dies the situation becomes even cloudier.

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