Normal and calm river water levels on the eastside, continued preparation on the west

Normal and calm river water levels on the eastside, continued preparation on the west

ELYRIA, OH (WOIO) - Calls to the fire departments on the eastside of Cleveland Sunday, Feb. 23 tell us residents and officials are calm, for the moment, with what they are seeing on the Chagrin and Cuyahoga Rivers.

In Willoughby, Steve Lucic the acting shift officer with Willoughby Fire was happy to report, "We're ice free. We don't have any ice jams and water levels are backed to normal. "

Firefighters had checked water levels and report the Chargin River is back down to 5'5".

Flood level is 8'5".

Lucic said maybe downstream in Eastlake was a different story, but a call to the Eastlake Fire Department was of more peace.

Bob Lloyd, Battalion Chief with the Eastlake Fire Department reported, "There's some water flowing over the ice and some water flowing under the ice. If it rains and warms up quick we're going to have some problems."

In Valley View firefighter and paramedic Frank Selig said he has nothing to report.

"There aren't any flooding concerns. The river is almost 10' below flood stage," Selig solidified.

On the Cuyahoga River 15' is flood stage.

In Valley View the water is sitting at 6'8".

Lieutenant Ryan Shore of the Chagrin Fire Department said, "From what we've heard. It's (The Chagrin River) normal. We have seen nothing and heard nothing that is out of normal ranges."

Cuyahoga Heights firefighter Mike Chase was observing the same as his counterparts.

Chase said with conviction, "We have actually no indication to watch or respond to our area. We have received no reason there's a high river issue."

On the eastside of Cleveland the story is different.

A call to the Elyria Fire Department told 19 Action News that there aren't any problems with the Black River.

Assistant Fire Chief Jim Cawley said the Black River is at an elevated height, but because there aren't a lot of bridges on this river they don't get a lot of ice collected that could cause potential flood damage.

What Cawley and Lieutenant Rick Thrasher did tell 19 Action News is that they are most concerned about is that they are going to have to support Vermillion Fire for the after effects of high water.

If there is an ignited gas leak in one of the evacuated homes, there could be a fire.

A fire that is hard to put out.

Thrasher said, "Fire boats are not going to go up the river. If there are gas leaks and something ignites them there will be a fire. They (Vermillion Fire) are planning for a worse case scenario. They have a plan. We do have a role."

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