Day 4: Foster daughter takes the stand in Lake County love triangle trial

Published: Jun. 5, 2014 at 6:01 PM EDT
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Sabrina Zunich (Source: Family)
Sabrina Zunich (Source: Family)
Sabrina Zunich takes the stand in Lake County courthouse.
Sabrina Zunich takes the stand in Lake County courthouse.

LAKE COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - Sabrina Zunich took the stand Thursday in the Kevin Knoefel murder trial.

She said she was initially excited to move into the Knoefel home as a step-daughter because she had never had a real family. She also said in a few months she felt that she was treated differently by Lisa Knoefel, than Lisa's natural children.

Sabrina Zunich also described how Kevin complained about his legs hurting from his truck driving job and asked if she would massage his inner thighs.  This progressed into her touching his genitals and eventually to her masturbating him.

Later on a camping trip to North Carolina she says the contact became more intimate. She also said that she then began to have feelings for him.

Sabrina was found covered in blood and holding a knife after stabbing Lisa to death. Lisa was stabbed 137 times.

She says before she acted she and Kevin met with a friend of hers who said she knew someone who would kill Lisa. Kevin showed her a gun he had in the car.  The plan never materialized because the friend moved to California and they lost touch.

Sabrina also testified that Kevin Knoefel showed her life insurance policies that he claimed he'd use to create a "dream life" for them after Lisa was gone.  Prosecutors questions painted a picture of Kevin as not only grooming Sabrina for sex but for murder.

Kevin Knoefel is facing charges of conspiracy to commit aggravated murder in the death of his wife Lisa.

Prosecutors say Kevin coached the teen, whom he was having an affair with, into doing it.

Thursday was Zunich's first day on the stand. Sabrina has agreed to plead guilty and go to prison for 30 years in return for truthful testimony. Without the agreement she could have faced life.

Kevin could still get life in prison.

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