Bike thefts: Prevent thieves from stealing your cycle

Bike thefts: Prevent thieves from stealing your cycle
Fairview Cycle has been selling bikes and accessories since 1950. (WOIO)
Fairview Cycle has been selling bikes and accessories since 1950. (WOIO)

FAIRVIEW PARK, OH (WOIO) - The Facebook page Cleveland Stolen Bike Alerts shows bike after bike posted online, all with a story to tell. They are not for sale, they have been stolen.

Just last week a nine-year-old boy and his younger brother were in their front yard when a guy pulled out a gun and stole one of their bikes.

A few days later a young girl riding her bike home from the library was pushed to the ground. Her bike was also stolen.

"Less than two percent of stolen bikes are ever recovered," said Paul Brondos at Fairview Cycle.

This is troubling news for a lot of cyclists in the Cleveland area. The Cleveland Stolen Bike Alerts Facebook page is a place where owners hope someone will recognize their bike so it will be returned.

"I've had several stolen, none of which were recovered," said Brondos.

A couple of his personal bikes have been stolen over the years. Those bikes were only secured with a basic cable lock. Brondos said that will not be enough to stop thieves who use bolt cutters.

"You can use a hardened steel shackle lock like this by having additional cable. You can run it through the wheel and secure the main frame to whatever anchor you can find," Brondos instructed.

Carol Lukance did not seem too concerned about her basic cable lock she uses for her bike. She said she feels safe enough with it because she hardly ever leaves it anywhere.

"I would bike maybe four or five times a week, just around the neighborhood," Carol said. "If somebody came up to me and said give me your bike I'd say here take it."

Brondos advised to not give would be thieves an easy target by not getting the best protection. You could end up posting it has been stolen.

"Take every precaution to make it as challenging as possible,"  said Brondos.

He added that you should register your bike with the local police. There's also a national police registry.

If your bike is stolen, file a police report right away. If your bike is found there's a better chance of it being returned.

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