Bills projected to sell for over $1 billion

Bills projected to sell for over $1 billion

The price to purchase the Buffalo Bills is rising significantly larger than previously predicted.

Sal Paolantonio of ESPN says that the franchise is anticipated to reach at least $1.1 billion, which is much higher than the value Forbes had on the team at $870 million.

Though only a few believe relocation is unexpected, moving the team would cause much different results in the cost of the team. If the team were to move to somewhere say in Los Angeles perhaps, more than likely someone would pay a lot more than the $1.1 billion. If the team stays in Buffalo with a new owner, the number will be much lower.

Just expect someone to pay more than $1.1 billion, because in the long scheme of things, who wouldn't want to have one of the coveted 32 spots in most popular sport in America.

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