Dead Man Walking: Rock Hall evicting one of it's original family members?

Alan Freed's ashes are removed from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
Alan Freed (Source: Family)
Alan Freed (Source: Family)
Where the ashes used to be inside the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (Source: WOIO)
Where the ashes used to be inside the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (Source: WOIO)

He was known as the father of rock-n-roll and even helped get the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum established in Cleveland but now Alan Freed will have to find another place to spend eternity.

Up until Friday, Alan Freed's ashes were on prominent display at the museum.

A few months ago Rock Hall President and Chief Executive Officer Greg Harris called Alan's son Lance Freed and told him that they had to remove his ashes.

"Why after 12 years? We thought this was going to be his final resting place and an appropriate one in a house he helped build. Unfortunately the Rock Hall sees it differently," said Lance Freed.

Lance and other family members were upset the Rock Hall did not include them in the decision to remove the ashes. They also thought their father should stay put.

Rock Hall Executive Director admitted that he never consulted anyone in the rock n' roll industry about removing Freed's ashes.

"We should not be displaying human remains in a museum," said Harris.

Lance picked up his father's ashes up from the Rock Hall on Friday.

"Well fellows…this isn't the first place I have been thrown out of but it's the first time I have been thrown out of my own house," said Lance Freed. 

He says his dad's fans will help them decide where his father's final resting place will be, but he knows for sure that it will be in Cleveland.

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