River otters make a comeback in Ohio

AKRON, Ohio - River otters had a rough start when they were reintroduced in Ohio 18 years ago, but their numbers have grown to the point that wildlife officials are considering limited trapping.

There's one problem, though -- they're too cute.

The furry, playful otters are a big hit with wildlife watchers, who may balk at the prospect of the animals being trapped.

Only a few of the 13 otters released in 1986 at the Grand River Wildlife Area in northeast Ohio survived, but more recent releases have been more successful. There are now about 4,300 river otters in the state and that number is expected to grow by 1,000 in the next year.

The trapping plan likely will be given to the Ohio Wildlife Council in the spring, and biologist Tom Henry says if it's approved, trapping could start last next year.

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